Crop Info & Guidelines

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Crop Info & Guidelines

Post  stephster17 on Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:27 pm

Sorry for getting things started a little late ladies, but here is everything you'll need to know for the crop....

Remember we have changed the rules, so read carefully!

Crop Charm: To earn your crop charm for this crop (and from now on) you will need to complete ONE challenge...your creations for this challenge cannot be combined with any other challenge on our board...AND you will need to have at least TEN posts during the WEEKEND portion of the crop (Fri-Mon). You won't need to do anything to figure this out, I will be checking on it.

Combining of Challenges: Any challenges you complete AFTER you first will be combinable with any of the challenges in the "Charms & Challenges" area of the board! Remember, your first layout must be done exclusively for one of the crop challenges only, after that you can combine as you wish...but you can only combine with ONE other challenge. You still CANNOT combine crop challenges with crop challenges though! If you need any clarification on this please ask here!

Tallies: We will not have a tally for the crop, you will just put everything directly in your regular tally. Post your FIRST, exclusive challenge layout in the theme crop portion of your tally, under Totally Titles Crop and put all your others under whichever challenge you combined them with.

ALL challenges are due Monday, June 8th at midnight PST!

If there are ANY questions, please ask and we will get you an answer and try to clear things up ASAP!
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Re: Crop Info & Guidelines

Post  scrapadoodler on Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:54 am

I am still a little confused on the tally sheet......maybe if I read a little more I'll understand.........just seems like alot to absorb this morning, lolol!! Maybe I'm not quite awake yet! I was reading the other night too, late, and was tired........still didn't quite get it all, lol........maybe I'll try reading it this afternoon when I am fully awake and not tired! LOLOL!!
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